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BHD Planet welcomes all advertisement to help user absolutely free. You can post free ads in any place or festival details. Users should have a login account for posting free ads. There are two type of ad category:

step 1- login


Specific ads Here you can post your ad in the specific page location. For example if you want to show your Ad in the page of Taj Mahal, then simply go to that detail page and upload/submit your ads here; or you can submit your ad from your Accoont Dashboard >> Upload Ad >> Categorized(Place) or Categorized(Festival) tab.

General Ads Here you can post your common or general ads which shows in any or all pages of the website in the manner of random selection of the advertisement.


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For posting any type of ads in website admin verification is required to show in website. After the administrator verification your ad(s) will show on website. You can’t post any type of adult or abusing ad in this website. Best size 300 x 250 px.