19 Nov 2015

Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas

Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas

It is a colorful festival. Stores, markets, and malls are draped in multicolored twinkling fairy lights, paper streamers, and flowers. For Indians, festivals are always celebrated with lights and colors, and Christmas is no exception. Churches are decorated using stunning light shows and look spectacular in the night.

Most families put up a Christmas tree. Snow is in short supply, but that does not deter enterprising children from draping cotton wool all over their trees to imitate snow-covered evergreens. A lot of decorations and ornaments are handmade, and stars are everywhere. They put up Christmas stars all over the house and out on the roads to welcome friends, neighbours, and family to their home at Christmastime.
At midnight on Christmas Eve, we would reverently place the baby Jesus statue in the scene, and then admire our handiwork all through the season.

Akshit Saxena

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  1. BHD Admin

    BHD Admin

    If one night a big fat man jumps in at your window,
    grabs you and puts you in a sack
    don't worry I told Santa
    I wanted you for CHRISTMAS.

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