Obby Oss Cornwall

Obby Oss Cornwall festival is the biggest festival in Padstow.

It is not unusual to see 30,000 people crammed into our little town.  It is a day when Padstonians from all over the world return to their roots.

Thousands of people make the journey to Padstow on the 1st May to celebrate one of the oldest May Day traditions in the country.

The Day celebrates the Celtic festival of Beltane - The spring festival dedicated to the return of the Celtic sun god Bel, that causes the crops to grow and the hours of daylight to lengthen.

The colours mixed with the passion of Padstownians makes the traditional 'Obby 'Oss celebrations a guaranteed memorable occasion.

Padstownians travel across the world to be back home for the celebrations. Some revellers in the town are up all night due to the traditional midnight start.