Independence Day Of India

Independence Day of India is well known throughout India on 15th August per annum with great splendour, joy and respect for Bharat Mata (Mother India). several Indian cultural programmes are organized on the 15th Aug. Indians dedicate this day to all those brave leaders and fighters who gave freedom to the present golden bird on this day. 

Independence Day is well known every year on 15th August. This was the day once Republic of India was freed from the British Rule. it's a national festival and has equal importance for each Indian in spite of faith, class, creed or race. The manner of celebration is additionally a similar throughout the country which is that the day after you can realise whole Republic of India celebrating and rejoicing. several cultural programs are organized and youngsters like to watch them and participate in them.

Achievements since Independence 

When we name the achievements since independence, we want to say advancement in science and technology in numerous fields. nowadays Republic of India is freelance in producing and manufacturing several technical and industrial merchandise. we will pride oneself within the house technology and development during this field. There has been development and improvement within the infrastructure once we compare Republic of India before and when over sixty years of independence. 

However, of these things matter less till the individuals below poverty level square measure elated within the real sense. it's our social responsibility to assist these individuals begin of the pathetic state of affairs and attain basic requirements of life.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day? 

Everyone in India is aware of that India got freedom from the three hundred years of British Rule at the stroke of time of day as India rapt towards holy day of obligation, 1947. several people grasp even the stories of struggle for independence moreover. There are several lives that sacrificed for this freedom and plenty of of them don't seem to be even noted or remembered. 

The most vital factor is that we have a tendency to keep in mind and pay respect to those legends on this auspicious day. it's vital for all Indian to assume and pay reference to people who died for the country. There square measure just about several reasons and ways that of celebrating Fourth of July. styles of contests, promotions and cultural programs square measure unionised.