Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves are the largest, most spectacular and most famous caves in Australia.  Explore the world's oldest caves - one of the most outstanding cave systems in the world.  You are never too young or old to experience the amazing - award-winning tours, adventure caving, scenic bush walks and Australian Aboriginal culture.  Glimpse Australian birds and animals in the wild, including kangaroos and platypus. 

Just 30km from Oberon, Jenolan has the most spectacular and best-known Limestone caves in Australia. They are world renowned and have been open to the public for over 150 years. These caves are believed to have been first explored by European settlers in 1838. There are 9 richly decorated show caves open for public viewing every day of the year. The duration of the guided tour of each show cave is from 1 to 2 hours.

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