London Bridge

The London Bridge Experience is a unique and interactive journey through the deep, dark history of London. Travel through time and take a light-hearted look at 2000 years’ worth of history within London Bridge and the surrounding area. Watch Boudicca fight her battles against the Romans, get twisted up in the fates of traitors and their treachery but beware to keep your head! Be engulfed in the powerful Great London Fire and follow the gruesome and gory tales of Jack the Ripper. Finally, for those who dare, enter the bowels of the Bridge and be terrified, tormented and tricked within The Tombs.

Facts to know:

  • The legend of the disfigured Mastern Brother’s vengeful murders haunts London with the killings of four men on Tower Bridge
  • Workers at The London Bridge Experience have heard eerie children’s cries and have witnessed poltergeist activity whilst on shift
  • The Great Fire of London (1666) has no official death toll, but the heat of the fire may have cremated many Londoners, leaving their remains unrecognisable
  • The murders of Jack the Ripper have inspired many studies and analyses of his case, the term has now been coined Ripperology
  • Many phantom cries can be heard at London Bridge rumoured to be ‘traitors’, whose heads were dipped in tar and stuck on pikes, executed between 1305 and 1660


  • Scariest attraction in London
  • Rich history of gruesome, gory Britain
  • Interactive experience with real life actors and animation
  • Two part attraction; The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

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