Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial blends the best of the British and Mughal architecture. The Victoria Memorial was built with white Makrana marbles. The Prince of Wales laid the foundation stone of Victoria Memorial in 1906 and it was inaugurated in 1921 in memory of Queen Victoria.

Today the Victoria Memorial is a museum having an assortment of Victoria memorabilia, British Raj paintings and other displays.

It is interesting to note that the Victoria Memorial was built without British government funds. The money required for the construction of the stately building, surrounded by beautiful gardens over 64 acres and costing more than 10 million was contributed by British Indian states and individuals who wanted favour with the British government. At the top of the Victoria Memorial is a sixteen foot tall bronze statue of victory, mounted on ball bearings. It rotates with wind.

Best time to visit:

October to March 


Indian including park: ₹10

foreigner including park: ₹150

Opening hours:

10 am-5 pm Tue-Sun 

last tickets 4.30 pm

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