Siddhivinayak Temple

One of the most beautiful temples situated in Mumbai, the Siddhivinayak temple is a standing testament of beauty and architecture. This ancient temple was constructed in 1801 and is dedicated to the elephant-head deity of Hinduism, 'Lord Ganesh'. This venerated temple in Mumbai was constructed by Deubai Patil and Laxman Vithu. The shrine was reconstructed for accommodating more devotees after considering the opinions of many religious experts. Every day, over 25,000 devotees flock the temple to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh. 

Tuesday is considered to be the most important day for 'puja' and 'darshan' at this temple. Bollywood celebrities too, come to visit this divine place of worship to seek blessings before the launch of their new films or otherwise. When one visits this place, one cannot help but admire the temple's ancient style of architecture and its many features. An elegant masterpiece with a unique design, the Siddhivinayak Temple is a hot-spot for tourists who visit Mumbai.

Inside the temple, there a small hall (Mandapa) along with the shrine and one can see the image of Siddhi Vinayaka here. Siddhi Vinakaya is said to be the provider of good wishes. The main doors of the shrine are made out of wood and various images of Ashtavinayak are carved on it. These images represent eight manifestations of Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra. In the sanctum, the ceiling is covered with gold sheet, making the exact crown of the Lord. 

Here, Ganpati is shown with four arms holding a lotus flower, an axe, plate of modakas and a garland of beads, in each of his hands respectively. The two consorts of the Lord, Riddhi and Siddhi, adorn the site being placed on the either side of Ganesha. The temple complex also comprises image of Lord Hanuman near the main entrance. 

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